PacBomber 1.5

A cool, modern combination of PacMan and Bomberman

PacBomber is a modern remake of the popular classic games, PacMan and Bomberman. The program features several worlds and levels fully equipped with beautiful and smooth graphics, great sound effects, special bonus items, teleports, off-screen tunnels and other such features.

PacBomber combines the fun, thrill and adventure of the two games into one, and the main objective of the player is to successfully clear each level of dots while avoiding different evil monsters.

While playing, you can collect different bonuses that will help you survive dangerous labyrinths filled with bloodthirsty creatures later on in the game.

Once you clear each dot-filled level, you can move on to the next one. PacBomber is perfect for anyone who would like to experience playing the classic games again, or anyone who would just like to try out this version.